This series represents a world once an apocalypse has occurred through the flora that still exists on our planet. They tell a story of how the mistakes we are making now will impact and affect the future of our planet. Depicting what the future environment could look like post-apocalypse. ‘After The Bloom’ explores this potential future that may exist if we continue to mistreat our home planet.

Continuing to use the planet’s resources as we are may cause an inevitable apocalypse. Whether humans cause it or naturally happens, it is unlikely we will recognise the planet that remains. These images question what this planet may look like once a human caused apocalypse has occurred. Humans no longer exist; the only sign we were here at all is the damage we have left behind. The damaged has mutated anything that has survived causing the planet to look like another world. Landscapes have shifted, plants have become radioactive and oceans have dried up. Our planet no longer exists.

If we continue on this path this will happen, an apocalypse will occur and we will not recognise our planet if we survive. Yet is it to late to make the vital changes that could prevent this from happening? Or is an apocalypse inevitable? The work acts as a warning to show that now is that time act to avoid an irreversible disaster. 

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